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As a business owner in Texas, you need the best Texas Registered agent service available. Starting and maintaining a business is no small feat, as the amount of stress involved can be too much for an entrepreneur to bear at times. This is where registered agents ease the burden a little bit.

The last hurdle is choosing a good service. We have provided a list of the best agencies in this area and why you should choose them. The article also includes answers to why you need a registered agent and how to find a registered agent in Texas. Enjoy.

A Quick Preview:

Best Overall - Editor's Choice — Northwest Registered Agent($125/year)

Best for Businesses on a Budget — Zenbusiness($99/year)

Best for New Enterprises — Incfile($119/year)

Best Company Image — Legalzoom ($299/year)

Best for Customer Support — Rocketlawyer($150/year)

Our Review of the Best Texas Registered Agent Services

Best Overall - Editor's Choice - Northwest Registered Agent($125/year)



  • Privacy by default feature that assures the safety of client information
  • No hidden charges
  • They employ trained experts for customer relations.

As a business owner in Texas, everyone naturally wants what’s best for their company; and the Northwest RA checks all boxes needed to qualify to be among the top-rated Texas registered agent services.

Its patented Privacy by Default feature is one of the most significant reasons this company stands out. This feature puts the clients' minds at ease, as they are assured that the company will not sell their data and that their info is free from the public's prying eyes. And they do not offer registered agent services alone; they also provide phone services, virtual office services, company forming and expansion, etc.  

Being a family-owned business, the company understands the value of human relations. Therefore, corporate guides help navigate the day-to-day hassles of running a business. These people are always available to answer customers' questions via mail or call. If unreachable, the company promises to reach out within 2 hours.

Even though the Northwest RA is not the cheapest registered agent service available in Texas, they are upfront about their services and do not attempt to upsell customers. Instead, the company believes in providing service commensurate with money paid.

The Northwest registered agent service is a 24-year-old establishment that has been proven trustworthy and effective in performing duties. The company was created to make running a business easier for entrepreneurs, and that is precisely what they do: make it easy.

Best for Budget Businesses on a Budget — Zenbusiness($99/year)


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  • Incredibly easy to afford.
  • They help in creating a professional online presence.
  • Impressively quick processing time.

The next on our list of Texas registered agents reviewed is Zenbusiness. Based in Austin, this registered agent is perfect for startups or businesses whose budgets can’t accommodate heavy spending. In a bid to help small businesses, the company makes grants and loans available for them.

The Zenbusiness registered agents are also known for quick filing and processing time using technological automation. This is done at the stipulated amount without incurring any other charges or hidden fees. To better serve its customers, the company also provides new businesses with the opportunity to build their websites, helping them reach more people and have an online presence.

However, it is essential to note that Zenbusiness is not for new or budding enterprises alone. They cater to well-established industries and perform various other services apart from being a registered agent. And like any of the top-rated Texas registered agents, they boast of a fantastic staff that takes customer relations seriously.

Equipped with all the features that must be found in a standard Texas registered agent, Zenbusiness is the best choice for entrepreneurs on a budget. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface, with pricing methods and customer relations also being top-notch. Suffice to say, Zenbusiness has a package for all individuals, new or old.

Best for New Enterprises — Incfile($119/year)


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  • Creation of a customer-specific dashboard
  • One year of free registered agent service
  • Takes client security and privacy seriously and uses Norton Web Security.

Incfile has secured its spot as one of the best Texas registered agents services available in the business. The company’s policies and packages suit the budding entrepreneur a lot, almost like they were made for each other. Upon registering, the first year spent with Incfile comes at absolutely no cost, as the company recognizes how trying those times can be and wants to help in whatever way they can.

Knowing how important customer privacy is, the company does its due diligence in protecting client information by using Norton Web Security for their website and being a member of, a network committed to protecting data and combating fraud. In addition, signing up with Incfile automatically assures the customer of their dashboard, where they can monitor and be kept abreast of activities performed by the registered agent.

Something else to know about Incfile is that it is a registered agent service in Houston, Texas. This makes customer relations very efficient; apart from the online/mobile platform, clients can always go to their office for requests, complaints, or aid.

Venturing into a new business can be a dangerous act, and this is why Incfile helps mitigate the risks involved as they take on themselves the burden that should have been shouldered by the owner alone. However, they are not limited to new startups alone, and they also provide services for the already established business.

Best Company Image — Legalzoom ($299/year)


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  • High customer volume along with huge experience.
  • Wide-reaching online presence.
  • They provide their customers with unlimited cloud storage access.

The name Legalzoom is one recognized across multiple businesses and platforms, and it is only logical for the company to be included in our Texas registered agents review. If everyone agrees with the famous saying that “numbers don’t lie,” Legalzoom has the figures to back its reputation. Since its inception in 2001, Legalzoom has served approximately 3.6 million users.

The wealth of knowledge amassed from their services can only be imagined. They provide their customers with the avenue to reach other potential clients while also performing standard RA duties. The company uses Experian to guarantee identity theft protection and secure customer data and privacy. 

To offset the high cost of purchasing their registered agent services, Legalzoom offers a 60-day free trial, wherein you can decide to opt out if you are not satisfied, constant reminders about tax and compliance deadlines, and also provide their customers with legal help like wills, and power of attorney.

Apart from the impressive features that set the company apart, Legalzoom covers any cost incurred during the switch of a registered agent (state fees included), and they update their users whenever vital documents are received from the state.

Best for Customer Support — Rocketlawyer($150/year)


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  • They maintain customer confidentiality by using their address for the clients' public records.
  • They help organize legal notices and keep customers posted via email.
  • The company uses Norton Web Security for its data protection.

Looking for registered agent services in Dallas, Texas, or other parts of Texas that provide excellent customer support? Even though the Rocket Lawyer registered agent service is coming last on this list, it tops that customer support aspect. The company renders services that break business tasks down to the simplest so that entrepreneurs can keep their minds off trivialities and on the things that really matter.

When registering on public records, the company puts down its address in place of its customers; this helps waive off unwanted attention that might have otherwise been directed at the client. Also, when it comes to keeping tabs on necessary information like legal notices, Rocket Lawyer does this seamlessly with their easy online organization while also keeping the client updated with quick email notifications.

Since data theft and privacy intrusion are fears almost everyone has, Rocket Lawyer registered agent service allays these fears by keeping their website secured with Norton Web Security. Additionally, even though the company was only founded in 2008, they’ve attended to over 7 million customers.

Rocket Lawyer is one of the Texas registered agents with offices across the 50 states in America. This has tremendously made expansion easier, documents and other necessary details are only forwarded to the new extension, and the client does not have to go through much stress.

Before being fully committed to a registered agent service, do a trial run to see if their style is compatible with your business goals.

Why Do You Need a Registered Agent Service?

As a business, you’ve probably wondered why you need to employ the services of a registered agent (1), especially when you can simply retain a lawyer or even register yourself as a registered agent (business with a staff of fewer than 10 employees). Anyway, here are a few benefits of having a registered agent service that might help sway your mind:

  • Point of Contact

A registered agent's office acts as a liaison between a business and the state. The secretary of state’s office corresponds with companies through registered agents; all filings and documentation are done through and with them. Also, the registered agents' address will reflect instead of the business’ for businesses that do not have a physical address.

  • Availability During Work Hours

While an entrepreneur might be busy running essential errands for the growth of their business, a registered agent service is available for correspondence. It is the job of the agents to be always available. In addition, the registered agent sees to it that there are no notices missed.

  • Paperwork

Those little tasks like tax returns and annual report filing, issuing notice to board members for meetings, documentation, and organization of folders can eat away at a company’s productivity without them knowing about it. Purchasing the services of a registered agent company removes all of this; they help keep the company’s track record with the state while also securing vital documents.

  • Expansion

Setting up in another state is made less stressful and much easier when a registered agent service is involved, especially one with branches all over the nation. The services’ address can be used before one gets their own physical space, and the flow of pertinent data isn’t stopped; all necessary details and documents will be within reach.

  • Price

The cost of employing a registered agent service is lesser than the other alternative of retaining a lawyer. And the argument of using oneself as a registered agent service is negated by the enormous amount of stress involved. To better help businesses and entrepreneurs, some registered agent services also offer discounts on packages, free trial periods, full refunds, as well as special offers like legal aid and advice.

  • Business compliance

Keeping up with the numerous requests made by the state can be pretty exhausting and tiring. Registered agent services give reminders on essential government policies that haven’t been adhered to and update the business on necessary steps to take to be in compliance and not default on any mandatory proceedings.

  • Privacy

Being the official point of contact of a business ensures that the privacy of said business remains intact and free from third-party interference; only important documents and legal filings get to you after being sieved by the agency.

How to Find a Registered Agent in Texas

Getting a registered agent in Texas isn’t the real problem; you can simply google the name of registered agent services in Texas or reach out to the Secretary of State’s office to ask questions. However, getting one of the best registered agent services in Texas is where the trouble lies. To do this, there are features that such an agency must possess; here are a few:

  • Company Image and Reputation

When contemplating using a registered agent service, you need first to research the reputation and image the company has garnered for itself. Look at details like the number of customers they’ve helped and how long they’ve been in existence.

However, the most crucial part of a company’s reputation is the public’s perception of them. Customer reviews go a long way in showing the good and bad sides of registered agent services; reviews put on personal websites are usually a little bit biased, and this is why we recommend using trusted third-party sites like Yelp, BBB, Trustpilot, Google, etc.

  • Nationwide Presence

A registered agent service with offices in all 50 states is another feature to watch out for when choosing a service. This helps expand a lot as you don’t have to switch services during change, plus they can also serve as a physical office (state law) for you in new states.

  • Value for Money

Choosing a RA service that offers the best value for money deal is brilliant. However, going for low prices alone can result in mediocre services, while effective service can be too costly for some businesses. So the best thing to do is find the balance between price and services offered.

  • Customer Support

Customer support (2) is a crucial feature that should be present in all RA services. This is not limited to answering emails and telephone calls alone, and they should be able to offer services like compliance, dealing with customer complaints, data protection assurance, etc.

  • Data Protection

To avoid confidential information leakage, data corruption or identity theft, the company’s website should have a safety net to ward off malwares, hackers and other electronic dangers.

  • Documentation

This is the primary assignment of all registered agent services, and they should be able to offer some basic features like;

  1. Electronic notification of when documents are received
  2. An easy-to-use interface for the customer
  3. Online and local storage capabilities
  4. Prompt upload of documents, etc.


Can I change my registered agent service?

Yes, a registered agent service can be changed. All you have to do is file the necessary forms with the state and cancel your subscription with your former service.

What is the difference between a statutory agent and a registered agent?

There is no difference between a statutory agent and a registered agent; other names include resident agent and service of process agent, depending on the state.

In summary

Even though the state mandates the use of registered agent services, it is still our obligation to choose the very best available for the sake of our business. 

Our top pick for businesses registered in Texas is the Northwest registered agent services. Affordable, effective, and client-friendly; it is a company solely devoted to registered agent services, and that has turned customer support into science with its fantastic Corporate Guides. They are perfect for newcomers and even old-timers in all kinds of business.

What do you make of the whole review? Are there areas on which we can improve? We’ll love to hear from you, and please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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