Swyft Filings LLC Service Review

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Swyft Filings LLC Service Review

The LLC service industry is crowded today, and you can easily get lost in a ton of business formation services.

So how do you choose the best one for you without getting a headache?

We’re here to help and present you with a detailed Swyft Filings review. Despite being a relatively new company, this LLC service has more than 3,500 positive ratings and holds 27th place out of 70 best LLC services on Trustpilot. Some users describe it as the most comprehensive business service with a self-explanatory design.

Want to know if the Swyft is right for you? Read on to learn more!

History and Reputation on the Market

Swyft Filings was established in 2012 and helped thousands of entrepreneurs to start their businesses and optimize the paperwork. The company is owned by an experienced lawyer, so you can expect your documents filled in and promptly; otherwise, the company will refund you 100% of your filing fees.

The Swyft Filings is located in Delaware, Pennsylvania, but operates nationwide. To ensure a quick turnaround time and help more clients, the company constantly offers partnerships to specialists in the legal field.

Additionally, the company has a convenient learning center. Here, you can learn more about business management, taxes, compliance, and other important things that will keep your LLC in a good relationship with the state.

Main Features

The next part of our Swyft filings review is dedicated to the main reasons why people choose this LLC service among the others. 

So, what makes Swyft Filings appealing?

  • Fast processing and turnaround times. Thanks to a great team of experienced lawyers, Swyft Filings can process your paperwork without costly errors and according to the state laws. Also, the company claims that they have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and can transfer your documents to the Secretary of State within hours.
  • Dedicated business specialist. Swyft Filings has great customer service and assigns a personal specialist to you even if you choose the Basic plan. Now, you don’t need to wait in line to get all your questions answered. You can just chat with the company’s representative online!
  • Balanced packages. Even the Basic package has everything you need to form an LLC, and you can expand it further with Swyft’s additional services for a reasonable price.
  • Document shipping by mail. Once the Secretary of State approves your paperwork, Swyft Filings sends you a physical copy by mail. Moreover, you can choose Standard or Express shipping for an additional fee.

Along with these incredible basic features, Swift Filings service can present you with something unique:

  • 100% money-back guarantee. Swyft Filings highly values its reputation and wants every customer to have an outstanding user experience. If you aren’t satisfied with some criteria, the company will refund you 100% of all fees you paid, except for government filing fees because they’re non-refundable.
  • Conversion. Swyft Filings can also keep up with the changes in your business structure, which isn’t something that many formation services offer. So if you think about changing your LLC to a C-corp or vice versa, the company can handle all the needed paperwork easily.
  • Excellent compliance management. Filling in annual and initial reports can seem like unnecessary work, but they’re initial for keeping your business in good standing with the state. Swyft Filings can easily do that for you and fill in annual reports for an additional fee.

Plans & Pricing

The next part of this Swyft filings review will describe the company’s pricing and features you get with each package.

Like the majority of business formation services, Swyft has three packages:

  • Basic package — $49 + state fee — perfect for beginners;
  • Standard — $149 + state fee — all the Basic features along with some essentials such as Employee Identification Number (EIN) and more;
  • Premium — $229 + state fee — contains all the Basic and Standard features and tops them up with quicker shipping and extra services.

Let’s take a detailed look at each plan.

Basic ($49 + state fee)

Swyft’s Basic package is one of the cheapest services on the market and comes at the exact pricing as Zenbusiness. For this price, you’ll receive the essentials, such as:

  • filling your documents with the State;
  • filling the Articles of Organization and the Statement of the LLC Organizer;
  • verification of your business name.

Along with that, the Basic package includes some extras, such as:

  • 30-minute business consultation and a webinar with an accountant;
  • compliance alerts that will let you know about the important deadlines for your paperwork;
  • free domain name for one year and tips for setting up corporate email and website.

Top it with lifetime customer support, and you will get a great package for those who are starting their first LLC.

Note that if you need other paperwork, such as LLC Operating Agreement, Banking Resolution, or EIN, you can purchase them additionally with the Basic package.

Standard ($149 + state fee)

Swyft’s Standard package is the most popular pick, according to user reviews. Along with the Basic features, this plan contains some essentials to get your business up and running, such as:

  • Employee Identification Number (EIN). EIN is crucial for the IRS to identify your company so that you can perform financial operations, pay taxes, and open your bank account.
  • Banking resolution. Banks often require this document for opening the bank account.
  • Operating Agreement. This document describes the rights and responsibilities of the LLC members and works as an extra layer for personal assets' protection.

Both Standard and Basic packages include Standard state expediting time and 1st Class USPS shipping during 4-5 business days upon receiving of your incorporation documents.

Premium ($299 + state fee)

If you go for the most expensive Swyft Filings package, you will mainly pay for things that make your experience more quick and comfortable. For example:

  • Faster filing time. Instead of standard processing time, which varies from 20 to 40 business days, you can speed up the filing process up to 3 business days, depending on the state.
  • FedEx tracked shipping. Once Swyft receives your documents, it will send them to you with FedEx so that you can get them in 1-2 business days. Also, the documents become instantly available on your Swyft’s account.
  • Business website and three months of web hosting. You can create your business website using numerous templates, set up your online store, integrate social media and contact forms, so your customers can contact you more easily.

Additional Services

Aside from purchasing one of three packages, you can make your experience with Swyft Filings more convenient by adding some of their additional services, such as:

  • Registered agent service ($149/year). Having a registered agent service is recommended for keeping the business correspondence separated from the personal mailbox. Along with adding a layer of privacy, a registered agent can keep your business compliant with the state and remind you of important deadlines and reports. Swyft offers you a convenient registered agent for only $149 per year, which is a pretty decent price for this service.
  • Minutes manager ($60). Minutes manager is a convenient service for recording and storing your annual member board meetings. With Swyft Filings’ Minutes Manager, you can create and hold and record any type of annual meeting and even allow some members to vote by proxy on important questions.
  • Business withdrawal ($99 + state fees). If you decide to terminate your business in another state, Swyft Filings will gladly help you with all essential paperwork for a small fee. The company will ensure that you no longer have tax obligations with the state and ensure that the withdrawal process will come quickly and easily.

Bottom line?

Swyft Filings does offer some upsells, but these are the things you might need either daily or some time in the future if you want to optimize the conversion or compliance management.

Customer Support

The next thing that appeared in overwhelmingly positive Swyft filings reviews is their top-notch customer support. Once you purchase any business package, the company assigns to you its representative, who will gladly answer all your questions during the formation process.

You can contact your representative via the live chat on the website or via the phone: 877-777-0450. The phone is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Pros and Cons: Overview

So, let’s sum up all the strong and weak features of the Swyft Filings service:



Owned by an experienced lawyerRegistered agent isn’t included in any package
Well-designed packages with all the essentialsNot the fastest processing times on the market
One of the cheapest services on the marketAdditional services, such as conversion or withdrawal, may take more time than advertised
Personalized customer support
Overwhelmingly positive reputation among users
Doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary upsells
Money-back guarantee
Privacy and identity theft protection

Who Should Choose Swyft Filings?

Finally, let’s complete this Swyft filings review with a summary of who will benefit the most from their services.

  • Those who plan on growing or expanding their business. Along with the well-balanced formation packages, Swyft Filings offers you a bunch of services that will help you successfully grow and maintain your business in any state. So, if you plan to expand, then Swyft will help you with that.
  • Those who value expertise. The company is founded and curated by experts in the legal field, so you can expect a correct and fast formation process. Additional services, such as a registered agent or annual report manager, will help your business keep a spotless reputation and be compliant with the state.
  • Those who need a formation service that just works. All the packages of Swyft Filings are designed for successful business start and maintaining your LLC in good standing with the state, so if you need a precise operation and quick filing, you should choose Swyft.

Also, Swyft Filings is perfect for those who need a reasonably priced service for everyone who wants all the business formation essentials gathered in one place.


Is Swyft Filings the cheapest LLC service?

It’s one of the cheapest services when it comes to business formation packages. However, some essential services, such as a registered agent, are purchased separately, adding to the final price.


Swyft Filings is one of the most convenient LLC services, in our opinion. It has everything you need to start, grow, and expand your business and easily keep it compliant with the state for years.

If you value data protection, fast turnaround time and need someone with top-notch legal expertise to maintain your paperwork, then Swyft Filing is a good choice for you.

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