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Forming an LLC in Arizona is a popular choice for anyone who needs to set up a business, but it comes at a price.

Whether one is looking at starting their first business or has been doing this for years, they must be aware of the Arizona LLC cost before diving in.

So, what is the actual cost of an Arizona LLC?

There are many different factors that go into this calculation, and each business is unique.

This article will discuss the most common expenses associated with starting an LLC in Arizona.

What is the Cost of An Arizona LLC?

The cost to start an LLC in Arizona can range anywhere from $500 to $2000, depending on the company's complexity. The most common expenses associated with starting an LLC are:

Arizona LLC Online Filing Fee

According to the Arizona Corporation Commission, the cost for filing and forming an LLC in Arizona is only $50 (1). 

Many other states charge several times more than this small fee for filing an LLC formation document. The state of Arizona does not collect any filing or Arizona LLC annual fees for LLCs.

Business owners can view more details about the Arizona LLC fees by requesting a copy of the official Certificate of Formation from the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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Publication Requirement

Even if a company doesn't plan to operate their business publicly, it'll need to publish a notice of its LLC formation in the newspaper. This notice is called the first "publishing." It must be done. 

The cost to publish the first legal notice for an LLC formation in the most populated city in Arizona ranges between $30 to $300.

The Notice of LLC Formation in Arizona must be published thrice. Within 60 days after obtaining notification from the state's Corporations Commission.

Arizona State Tax Filing Fees

If an LLC generates income from within Arizona, it must file and pay annual state taxes on its business' profits. The amount of tax they pay depends on the amount of profit that the company earns.

Registered Agent Fee

If an LLC is physically located in Arizona, it'll need to hire a resident agent to accept legal service of process on behalf of the company.

An Arizona registered agent is someone who lives in the state and signs up to accept legal documents on behalf of an LLC. Registered agent fees vary depending on the LLC service the business owner hires. 

Corporate documents must be sent to the person or business address specified by their registered agent. If a business doesn't have an agent when corporate documents are sent, they will be returned unclaimed as undeliverable mail by the US Postal Service. 

Without a registered agent on file, a company's existence could become invalidated.

Some of the most reputable LLC services in Arizona are ZenBusiness and Incfile.

The ZenBusiness vs Incfile debate continues to spark heated discussion about which Arizona LLC registrar is the best.

One would have to examine their business needs to choose the most appropriate service. Simply checking out the ZenBusiness review online can give all the answers a business owner needs.

Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in Arizona

In a situation where an LLC is formed in a different state, it must file a foreign LLC designation with the Arizona Corporation Commission. The filing fee for this is $150.

LLC Name Search Fee

Arizona LLCs must-have business names that have not already been taken. Owners can make sure this is the case by initiating a name search with the Arizona Corporation Commission. 

The cost of this service is $0 and gives one complete access to all registered business names in both AZ and out of state.

Articles of Organization/Organization Certificate

Arizona LLCs must have an Article Of Organization on file with the Corporation Commission for their LLC to be available for business. The cost of this is $40.

Federal and State Tax ID Number

LLCs need a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) and a State Tax ID number (SS-4) if they want to start a business in Arizona and will be paying Federal or State taxes. One can request this from the IRS conveniently online at

LLC Operating Agreement: Varies (usually around $100-200)

The LLC operating agreement is a legal contract that defines the rights and obligations of the owners or members of an Arizona LLC. 

This document is only required if a business has multiple owners/members and will be representing the LLC as a legal entity. The cost of drafting this document will vary depending on how complex it is.


Who needs to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) in Arizona?

A business or an independent contractor with employees or whose employees have taxes withheld from their paychecks.

How much does an LLC cost in Arizona?

The total cost for starting an LLC in Arizona varies depending on the type of ownership (member-managed or manager-managed) and the additional services that an LLC needs.

How long does it take to form an LLC in Arizona?

In Arizona, the LLC paperwork usually takes three weeks to get granted. For an extra cost, expedited processing is offered, which lowers the filing period to 7–10 working days.


Many different factors go into the cost of an Arizona LLC. The most common expenses include filing, registered agents, and publication fees. The best way individuals can keep the costs as low as possible is to do most of the work themselves.

For example, they can search for an available LLC name and complete the Articles of Organization online. They can also find a registered agent who will keep the Arizona LLC cost as low as possible.


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