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Having a registered agent service(1) is essential to building a business, especially if you are the busy type. However, choosing the right ones can be tricky because of the many dubious registered agent services out there, even in Wyoming. No worries though as we have compiled an in-depth review of the best Wyoming registered agent services, what sets them apart, and an easy way to choose one for yourself when the need arises. Happy reading.

A Quick Preview:

  1. Best Overall - Editor’s Choice - Northwest Registered Agent($125/year)
  2. Cheapest Wyoming Registered Agent - Zenbusiness($99/year)
  3. Best for Ease of Use- Incfile($119/year)
  4. Best for Reputation - Legalzoom ($299/year)
  5. Best Customer Support - Rocketlawyer($150/year)

Our Review of the Best Wyoming Registered Agent services

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice — Northwest Registered Agent($125/year)



  • Well known for fast and reliable services. 
  • They offer premium data protection and privacy to their users. 
  • It is quite easy to use despite the numerous services offered.

As far as the best Wyoming registered agent services are concerned, Northwest registered agent service leads the way. Not only do they offer premium services for the amount paid, they are known for their excellent and lifetime customer support which is revealed in their slogan, “we are just not annoying”. 

Started in 1998, they have managed to amass a vast wealth of experience in the registering agent service and it shows in their fast and reliable approach towards resolving issues. Interestingly, their registered agent service is free for the first year and costs a flat rate of $125 per annum for consequent years.  

Additionally, Northwest registered agent service is known for its strong data protection which guarantees optimal privacy for its users. Furthermore, their phone service is awesome. It is free for the first 60 days of joining and attracts a cost of $9 per month after the free period. In addition to all these awesome qualities, they are also quite easy to use. Good for new business owners as well as established ones.

Based on Our Review

I was impressed by the Northwest RA’s data protection during my tests. I also found their customer support to be reliable.

Northwest registered agent services offer the best value for money in Wyoming. They offer enough flexibility for businesses to choose the registration package that best suits their needs. And yes, they offer additional services like phone service.

Cheapest Wyoming Registered Agent — Zenbusiness($99/year)

Zenbusiness Registered Agent


  • Offers one of the best pricing in the market
  • They also have some of the best turnaround times. 
  • Good customer support with extended support hours.

Looking for the cheapest Wyoming registered agent, then you are at the right place because Zenbusinees offers the most competitive price of a quality registered agent service. Although they are fairly new to the landscape, they are actually turning heads with their price, and associated offers. 

Apart from being the cheapest, costing just $99 per annum for exclusive Registered agent services, they offer one of the best turnaround times. Although turnaround times vary for different reasons, they have managed to convince a lot of people of their trustworthiness through these. In addition, their customer service is awesome. In fact they offer extended support hours for their customers. 

Apart from the paid services rendered by Zenbusiness, they actually offer grants to small businesses, with a vision to help over one million such businesses by 2025. You will agree with me that this is very commendable, and may actually be another reason for their high positive reviews.

Based on Our Review

I found Zenbusiness’ platform to be easy to use during my tests. I also liked the affordability of Zenbusiness as it was the cheapest RA in my review.

Zenbusiness offers more services in addition to the registered agent services for businesses. So, going for their pro-formation plan which only costs an additional $50 is a really good bargain considering the offers on board.

Best for Ease of Use — Incfile ($119/year)



  • They have a very user friendly platform in place for their users.
  • Features a system that is designed to update you on the progress of documents. Expedited or not.
  • Good pricing, especially with the first free year on registration.

Building a new business can be challenging. Add that to navigating complex platforms that registered agent services are known for, and you get a nightmare. Fortunately, another of the most solid Wyoming registered agent services is this very easy-to-use platform by the name Incfile. 

Incfile is not only known for their customer friendly platform and dashboard, they are also highly rated for their pricing. While they are not the cheapest option around, Incfile RA services offer impressive pricing. As a newbie, your first year using this Wyoming registered agent service is free, after which you are charged a flat rate of $119 per year. 

As for their turnaround time, Incfile does well in this department too. Incfile promises filing of documents to the authority within a business day, they also have a tool on the website that helps you monitor how long the process is taking. There is also a different package for people needing to expedite their documents.

Based on Our Review

I found it easy to access my information on this platform. Incfile felt intuitive and their prices were among the cheapest in my review.

IncFile has awesome RA services, and they offer additional services that can benefit your business in the long run. Such as their attractive life-time company alerts meant to update you on the status of your documents with the authorities.

Best for Reputation — Legalzoom ($299/year)



  • Access to lots of resources for your business.
  • Excellent customer support including lifetime access. 
  • Long track record of reliability and trustworthiness.

Are you looking for an RA service with clout and grandstanding in the registered agent service marketplace? Look no further because it’s none other than the notorious Legalzoom. Boasting one of the biggest companies in the RA business with over 1000 people in their employ, you know you’ve come to the right place. And if you are not sure, then their audacious $299 per year price tag as a Wyoming registered agent should convince you. 

Despite demanding almost double the price of their competitors in Wyoming, Legalzoom continues to attract new customers through their vast experience and the wealth of services offered. Mostly due to their sheer size, users are assured of access to lots of resources like the unlimited cloud storage for your business documents. In addition, they offer good security for your data, and ensure your privacy is protected thanks to their identity theft protection deal. 

With over twenty years of solid track record and built trust, customers and newbies alike get the assurance that their businesses are in safe hands.

Based on Our Review

During my review, I liked Legalzoom’s reach and customer support availability. I also liked that I had unlimited cloud storage for documents which helped me keep my documents within reach.

Legalzoom has excellent customer support which in fact is promised for a lifetime. This includes alerts as regards important documents they receive in your stead.

Best Customer Support — Rocket Lawyer ($150/year)



  • Excellent customer service including speaking with legal experts. 
  • Impressive freebies and discounts for members.
  • Fast turnaround times usually within a few days.

Customer support(2) is very important for registered agent services basically because of the legal jargons that can make things too complicated for the populace. Even though every RA service on this list offers good or acceptable customer support, Rocketlawyer stands out in this aspect.

“One of the most important benefits of using a registered agent service is the convenience it offers its subscribers. They get the needed time for development.”

Rocketlawyer customer support sets it as one of the top-rated Wyoming registered agent services because you get to speak with legal experts, including attorneys as regards any and every legal challenge you are facing. However, this feature comes at a fee for non-members.

This company offers its RA service for both members and non-members. Members are required to pay $39.99 per month in addition to getting the service at $111.99 per year. For non-members, the service costs a flat rate of $149.99 per annum. Of course,being a premium member has its perks in the form of freebies such as unlimited access to legal document templates and discounts on their services. . 

Rocketlawyer also offers very competitive turnaround times which only take a couple of days. However, you can expedite your documents in states that allow for such if you are in a hurry.

Based on Our Review

During testing, I discovered that the customer support was excellent. I found that I could reach a customer representative easily and most of my questions were adequately answered. I also liked the phone app and it made it easier to access my essential documents.

Rocketlawyer promises a comprehensive document review by legal experts for every document received on your behalf.

Why Use a Registered Agent Service?

  • For Flexible Business Hours

If you are a business owner that can't pin your business hours to a particular time of the day, or you simply won't be available for stretches of hours at a time, or you are on vacation, then accepting legal correspondence can be a challenge for you. Fortunately, this is an issue that can easily be remedied with the use of an RA service, making it easy to deal with documents at your pace.

In my opinion, RA services allow customers to better manage their legal affairs anytime and anywhere.

“Why use a registered agent service? This question pops up everytime someone is about to start a business especially with other available options like retaining a lawyer, or using oneself as a registered agent (if your employees are less than 10 staff). 

While each of these options have their merits, the advantages of using a registered agent service far outweighs the benefits of the other two options. Anyway, here are some common advantages to using a registered agent service. 

Official Contact Point

It's mandatory for every business to have a registered agent. It is also equally important that they are available at the regular business hours so as not to miss important documents. Registered agent services act as your official point of contact which assures you of not missing any important document because they will be available when you are not. 

Business Compliance

Keeping up with the plethora of government policies that businesses are mandated to follow can be very tasking. Also, scheduling a reminder on deadlines sounds easier than it actually is. RA services make sure your business is in compliance with the government by making sure you don’t miss any deadlines. 

From experience, I’ve noticed that RA services help business owners rest easy knowing that all government compliances are met.

In addition, RA services regularly update you with info on the necessary steps to take to stay in compliance with the government and other legal filings. Some RA services even take it further by helping you to compile and file the necessary documents for your business.  


Since the address of your official point of contact will be on public records, getting a registered agent service for your business is a no-brainer because it keeps you and your company protected. Furthermore, RA services offer good data protection for their customers so that sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands. 

Easy Expansion of Business Into Other States

Every business by law is required to have a physical address in the states they are operating in. When thinking of expansion into other states, you know you can count on RA services to come in handy. With most businesses now online, you don't need to bother yourself about getting a physical address in the new state once you have a registered agent service. 

Price Point

If you are not convinced by RA services due to the fees they charge, I’m happy to inform you that RA services are cheaper compared to retaining a lawyer. On the other hand, if you decide to be a registered agent yourself, you have to consider your availability. Is the stress worth your time? Considering you have a business to run.

How to Choose the Best Registered Agent Service

  • Customer Support

Customer support is an integral part of the service registered agents offer. It is quite important because there is a need to provide answers to their customers on the numerous questions they have. As a customer looking for the best RA service around, one way to judge the customer service is the FAQ section where you should be able to get straightforward answers to some questions you may have. Some RA services have automated customer support, while this eases the process of getting answers, talking to learned individuals on specific legal issues is a big plus.

Even with the good registered agent services available, there are still a lot of bad options and navigating them for the right one can be tricky especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some features to watch out for to get the best registered agent services

Track Record

When it comes to trusting people with your money for an essential service like a registered agent, then the first point of call is to look into their track record. Generally, older agencies or companies in this field have longer histories for potential customers to examine. 

While checking their track record reveals a lot about the kind of service they provide, the number of clients they have serviced, and some other important information, what you really need to check are the customer reviews. 

RA service websites do put reviews on their sites but it is always in their favor. For check and balance, what you need are third-party sites with authentic, undiluted reviews. Examples of such sites are Yelp, Trustpilot, Google, SiteJabber, e.t.c. 

Compliance Management

An integral part of the services registered agents provide is business compliance with the law. While every registered agent claims to help your business with compliance, only the best ones actually have the tools and system to keep your business in line. 

Some of the top-rated Wyoming registered agent services use the compliance calendar tool to make sure you are up to date on what needs to be done. Some other agencies assign compliance assistants to you as per your paid request. 

Availability in all 50 States

Another feature to watch out for in a RA service is their availability in all the states. As a client, It makes business expansion easier, since you still have to get a registered agent  in any state you are expanding or moving to. At least you don't have to bother about switching the RA service. 

Customer Support

This feature is very important. Due to the nature of the service offered, RA services are meant to have customer support. Unfortunately, some of the customer support rendered leaves a lot to be desired. You need to check the customer support feature for an RA service you are interested in. Also, check reviews on how they manage complaints of their users.

In my opinion, ensure you test the responsiveness of the customer support as it’ll save you from any hassles later on.


Registered agent services primarily receive documents on your behalf. However, the scope of work is now deeper than that. The least you should expect from an RA service should be:

  1. An easy-to-use platform that will ease documentation.
  2. Immediate scanning and forwarding of documents to clients. 
  3. Offering backup for all important files, e.g. cloud storage. 
  4. Fast turnover times. Instant upload of documents to the appropriate quarters.


What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is an individual or organization assigned by a business or corporation to receive legal documents, compliance documents, and government correspondence on their behalf. It is the only way a business can be incorporated in the US.

Can I change my registered agent?

Yes you can. Changing your registered agent requires you filing paperwork with the secretary of state. However, this is the minimum requirement as individual states determine what else you need to do to complete the process.

Are registered agents liable?

Yes. Registered agents have duties that are bound by law in which failure in any of them can make them liable. A good example is sending late information for a legal process.


With our review of the best Wyoming registered agent services, we believe you are one step closer to making your choice of an RA service. Also, if you ever need to pick one in other states, you can always check the important criterias necessary to make the best choice. 

While each of the RA services listed here have strong arguments in their favor, my favorite is still the Northwest registered agent service because they perform excellently in every criteria we used to rank these RA services in addition to having a competitive price.  

Do you agree with our list? What feature do you look forward to the most, for a registered agent service? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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