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As it is mandatory for business owners to have a registered agent for business and legal correspondence, knowing the best registered agent services in the state is only ideal. With New York being a state with several options of RA services, knowing the best New York registered agent services is essential as it is key to growing one’s business. 

Here, we review the Top 5 New York registered agent services, why they are the best options out there, and how to make a choice of RA service if the need ever arises. Happy reading!

A Quick Preview:

Best Overall - Editor's Choice — Northwest Registered Agent($125/year)

Best Budget Option — Zenbusiness($99/year)

Best for Ease of Use— Incfile($119/year)

Best for Market Presence — Legalzoom ($299/year)

Best Customer Support — Rocketlawyer($150/year)

Our Review of the Top 5 Best New York Registered Agent Service

Best Overall - Editor's Choice - Northwest Registered Agent($125/year)



  • Full data security and protection for clients. 
  • Lifetime customer support option for clients. 
  • Good user interface which makes it easy to use for both new and established business owners.

The Northwest Registered agent service is one of the best New York registered agent services with a competitive pricing for top-tier service. One of their most impressive features is the option of a lifetime support upon full sign up. Their excellence is not limited to the customer support though. 

They are known to provide full security and data protection for their customers' details. This is a big one as data protection is a big challenge with RA services. In addition, the online portal where customers manage their filing is very secure. 

Northwest RA service pride themselves on providing instant uploads of documents to their clients account within minutes of receiving it. They also send an email simultaneously to their clients after uploads. Interestingly, this RA service is free for the first year for new clients upon registration. This is a good way for potential clients to check them out.

The Northwest registered agent service is a 24-year-old establishment that has been proven trustworthy and effective in performing duties. The company was created to make running a business easier for entrepreneurs, and that is precisely what they do: make it easy.

Best Budget Option — Zenbusiness($99/year)


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  • A cheap RA service option compared to the best ones in New York.
  • Impressive turnover times all things being equal. 
  • They offer extended support hours for their clients.

Currently, there is no better pricing in the marketplace for a RA service than the Zenbusiness RA service. Taking the pricing into consideration with respect to the service offered, you will agree with us that you can rarely go wrong with this registered agent service. Apart from the pricing though, what makes them stand out? Here are some answers for you 

Zenbusiness offers one of the best turnaround times which is a crucial aspect of a good RA service. Even though they are fairly new to the landscape compared to the more established names, they have carved a niche for themselves in excellent service delivery. 

This New York registered agent LLC has a platform that is quite easy to use. The client's dashboard is quite organized which is crucial for ease of use. Added to this is their awesome customer service. They actually offer extended support hours.

For upcoming or new businesses within New York working on a tight budget, ZenBusiness is the viable option. Their services are not only affordable, but they have other incentives in their package that help small-scale businesses start and blossom into successful and more significant enterprises.

Best for Ease of Use — Incfile($119/year)


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  • Great platform. Very easy to use and less daunting for new clients and business owners.
  • A free first year of RA service on registration for new users. 
  • Fast document filing time, and impressive document monitoring tool.

Sometimes, registered agent services websites can be intimidating, especially having to comb through a lot of info to get the needed one. Despite this rather common challenge with RA services, Incfile has managed to stand out with the ease of use for their clients.  In fact, this RA service is highly recommended for new business owners. 

In addition to having impressive user experience, Incfile offers new users a free first year for RA services. And in addition to notifying customers with new legal correspondence, they also send SMS and emails to update clients on the latest deadline. 

Incfile RA service website has a feature designed to enable clients to monitor their fillings whether delayed or not. They also advertise to file relevant documents within one business day of receipt. Also, you can expedite the process of filings in case of a close deadline.

Incfile is highly recognized in the 50 States. For business owners who are not limited to only Florida, the need to check for another registered agent in a different state will be eliminated when the expansion comes. They focus on all the necessary paperwork and save you more time to pay attention and grow your business.

Best for Market Presence — Legalzoom ($299/year)


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  • A well established RA service with a very broad reach. 
  • Unlimited cloud storage and good data protection for their clients.
  • They have the compliance calendar tool for easy prompts as regards deadlines and filings.

If you are more interested in a RA service that is well grounded, then Legalzoom is the right choice for you. A New York registered agent LLC Founded in 2001, and with over a thousand employees, you can be assured of access to a lot of resources and help. 

Coming into the marketplace as the big brother probably justifies the RA service price although they offer more services apart from being a registered agent. Even with the hefty price tag, one thing that still continues to attract new customers is the excellent customer support alongside having a track record of providing results. 

Apart from the features mentioned above, some other features clients will enjoy include a compliance calendar for easy prompts, identity theft protection, unlimited cloud storage for business documents, and handling of paperwork in case a client needs to switch the RA service.

If you are looking to enjoy legal benefits aside from the Registered Agent Service, then LegalZoom is the Registered Agent for you. This agent has been around for a while and is competent in exceptional RA services.

Best Customer Support — Rocketlawyer($150/year)


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  • Outstanding customer support where clients can speak to legal practitioners. 
  • A pricing system for members and non-members.
  • Good pricing and turnaround times with the option of expediting document filings. 

Customer support is a very important part when offering a service, especially one as sensitive as a registered agent service. Fortunately, no one does it better than Rocketlawyer. They manage to achieve this awesome feat by employing legal practitioners to engage their numerous clients on their various challenges.

In addition to having excellent customer support, Rocketlawyer also provides one of the best platforms for their clients by keeping everything organized.  Rocketlawyer runs a member, non-member subscription based program. This means you can have access to some of the features without being a member although being a member is absolutely better because of the freebies associated with it.

Rocketlawyer is highly rated even on third-party review sites like Trustpilot. Clients can also expedite the document filings if the need ever arises although at an extra cost.

How to Choose the Best Registered Agent Service in New York

New York registered agent services are necessary for every business owner in New York not only because they are a compulsory requirement by the law, but also for the ease and protection it offers business owners. 

Every business owner has to choose between three options that can provide one with a registered agent service(1). These options three options are:

  1. Self: So, if you are wondering if it’s possible to use one’s self as a registered agent, then the answer is yes. This is mostly advised for people with small scale businesses or with employees numbering less than ten. Using one’s self will probably save the individual some funds but the downside to this is having to be available all year round in case of filings. Also the individual has to be up to date as regards deadlines and compliance.
  2. Lawyers: Lawyers are professionally equipped to serve as a registered agent since you will be dealing with a lot of legal correspondence normally. While this option is okay, it is actually the least advisable as it is more costly than the two other options. While your lawyer can make filings and accept documents on your behalf, retaining a lawyer is no joke especially for a small or growing business. 
  3. Using a Registered Agent Service: The third option for a business owner is to engage the services of a registered agent service company or firm. These are firms whose niche is providing RA services to business owners. They are more efficient than the other two options. </span First off, RA services help you with the burden of trying to run a business and meeting legal deadlines at the same time. While this simple yet stressful task can be undertaken by your lawyer, RA services are way cheaper compared to retaining a lawyer. You also get the added advantage of privacy for your business.

While these three options are valid and recognized by the law, using a registered agent service is obviously the best way to go. Now, the challenge is in finding the right one for you. While some people have misgivings about engaging the service of a registered agent, majorly due to disappointments, there are actually outstanding ones.

Although five of the best New York registered agent services have been reviewed in this article, here are some tips to watch out for when trying to make a choice if the need ever arises. 

Third Party Reviews

After checking everything a registered agent service offers on their platform, it is absolutely necessary to seek third party opinions. Sites such trustpilot, Yelp, SiteJabber are good for such findings. You can go through multiple reviews like our New York registered agent reviews to get a true feel of how the services of the different RA services are.  


While every RA service updates their clients with important documents, the point of concern is how fast do they do it? On the other hand, when clients send documents to the RA service, how soon does the RA service file it? These are important questions that need answering before you make a choice. 

Availability across all States

While this is not one of the top criterias to check out for in a registered agent service, it is still quite important especially if you plan to expand your business into other states.It makes it infinitely easier. Another advantage to being available in all 50 states is that business owners can gain from the firm’s reach, which is very necessary when it comes to access to resources. 

Customer Support

With the plethora of legal terms that are associated with legal correspondence, it is very easy to see why customer support(2) is an integral part of running an RA service. However, this one aspect a lot of RA service seriously lacks in, even the top ones.

Each registered agent service offers different customer support features including talking with legal representatives. These features however, may not be inclusive in the RA service package. So make sure to make thorough research on the customer support. 

Data Protection

A big peeve for people as regards entrusting their details with registered agent services is the issue of data security and protection since RA services have been known to lose their clients personal and business data to hackers. Fortunately, this is not the case for all RA services as the best New York registered agent services ensure their client’s data is protected. However, individuals must make research on how RA services protect their clients data. 

Ease of Use

This is a big turning point for a lot of people. Most firms offer RA services as a single service of the different services they offer (e.g. LLC formations, incorporations), which invariably makes their platform difficult to navigate. Furthermore, RA service platforms can be incredibly difficult to use due to the plethora of options, especially for people that do not fancy web surfing. 

A platform with good user experience will always come in handy, especially when it comes to navigating for important files when it is not convenient. Always check for recommendations on the user experience of any platform you are interested in. You can find out more about New York LLC formation in this New York LLC publication service.  

Track Record

Part of the due diligence when it comes to researching a registered agent service is checking their track records. The track record simply refers you to their success stories and for how long they have been having these success stories. Now, older firms will have a more explosive track record than the newer firms, however, the thing to get from this is how reliable these firms can be. 

Compliance Management

This is the most important part of being an RA service. Registered agent services are there in order to help their clients meet deadlines as well as help with legal and business correspondence.

Different RA services employ different tools to keep their clients up to date, however, the client needs to know whether the compliance management tool is suitable for them. Some firms put in alerts through calls and SMS, others help with a compliance calendar. Whichever the style they use, make sure to check how they manage compliance with the law.  


Do I have to use a registered agent service?

No. You don’t have to use one but the advantages associated with using an RA service far outweighs the advantages of the other RA options, part of which is the privacy, price point, and ease of doing business.

Is my data secured with registered agent services? 

Any RA service worth its salt, especially those on this list, take data security very seriously. Obviously, it's not every RA service that can guarantee optimal data protection for their clients but the best ones can boast of good data security.


With these New York registered agent reviews, we believe we have made your decision making simpler. And if you still need to do further research, our tips on how to choose the best RA services in New York can come in handy.  

If we are to make a choice of the above listed RA services, then we will opt for the Northwest Registered Agent service simply for the competitive pricing, good turnover times, and the excellent customer care. Basically they check all boxes if you won't be going for the cheapest option on the list. 

What registered agent service do you consider the best in New York? As a new business owner, which one will you like to procure their service? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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