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Written by: David Reed
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Hiring a registered agent in Florida has become more of a necessity than a luxury. However, choosing the best Florida Registered Agent services can be demanding.

Business owners are majorly concerned with getting the perfect registered agent that will give them the value for their money. However, it is pretty easy to evaluate the services most appropriate for individual business needs with the right guide. 

In this piece, we have thoroughly reviewed the best-registered agents in Florida, weighing the pros of using one agent over the cons of the other. Also, the vital factors to consider before hiring an agent.

A Quick Preview:

Best Overall - Editor's Choice — Northwest Registered Agents ($125/annum) Cheapest Florida Registered Agents — ZenBusiness ($99/annum) Top-rated Florida Registered Agents for New Entrepreneurs — Incfile ($119/annum) Best for Business' Identity theft protection — Legalzoom ($229/annum) Best for Exceptional Customer Support — Rocket lawyer ($150/annum)

Our Review of the 5 Best Florida Agent Services

Best Overall - Editor's Choice - Northwest Registered Agents ($125 per annum)



  • A team of learned accountants, lawyers, and experienced entrepreneurs to help grow upcoming businesses.
  • Customer's business details and data are not open to a  third party.

Northwest registered agents have been around the block for over 20 years and have a great wealth of experience to their name. The company has successfully helped various business owners across states above and beyond, and Florida is not exempted. While the pricing is not the lowest on the market, the agent offers a fair bargain for $125 per year.

As seen in the countless cheerful feedback of satisfied customers on Trustpilot and Google Business, Northwest registered agent is easily the number one on the best Florida Registered Agent services list. Clients are provided with a top-notch personalized customer support system. 

Not only that, the website is easy to understand and navigate through. With a team of learned lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs, Northwest offers other services beyond registering the firm, such as insightful nuggets on growing business in Florida, overcoming the hurdles of businesses, and battle-tested advice on business, especially for newbie entrepreneurs. 

Northwest acts as a liaison officer between its clients and the state of Florida. They accept and fast-scan all necessary legal documents locally and via emails on the business's behalf. 

When it comes to solid data protection and security, you can count on Northwest. The agent is bound by its slogan "privacy by default" and has upheld this status quo for two decades. To further ensure the safety of business data, they put their business address in all filings to keep your company's address from a third party.

Based on Our Review

During my review of the service, I found the customer support team to be very friendly, knowledgeable about the field, and helpful. Their online site is also quite easy to navigate.

Here's a registered agent that ticks all the boxes when registering a business. In addition, it also helps grow businesses into successful ones. Northwest registered agent is the easy option for entrepreneurs who desire to grow their company seamlessly.

Cheapest Florida Registered Agents — ZenBusiness ($99 per annum)


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  • In-built dependable and trustworthy compliance alert system.
  • The first year package is free for all subscribers.
  • ZenBusiness offers RA services at a relatively low cost.

ZenBusiness is a recent addition to Registered Agents; however, the company has diligently won the admiration of its numerous customer base. ZenBusiness RA outweighs the others by being fast and cheap on the Florida Registered Agent LLC reviews. With automated technology, the agent offers quick LLC business formation for its clients for a low cost of $99.

Apart from the fast LLC formation offered at ZenBusiness, one of their visions is to see small-scale entrepreneurs grow. Hence, their team is a set of experienced experts in increasing business. Clients have been able to get answers to the burning questions concerning the business. The company also makes grants available for struggling Florida and new business owners.

Another unique feature distinguishing Zenbusiness from other Florida Registered Agents is its excellent compliance notification system. All businesses in Florida are expected by the law to be in constant communication with the State. However, due to busy schedules or a lack of accurate information, most entrepreneurs have missed essential updates. 

Inability to remain compliant attracts expensive fines and threatens the LLC's protection of such a company. With ZenBusiness, you can sleep with your two eyes open without any doubt that they will keep you compliant all year for $50.

Based on Our Review

Despite their long history, the quality of their service, and the impressive number of businesses that have good things to say, I find it amazing during my test that ZenBusiness pricings are quite low. If you want the extra services, you can add them in, but they're optional.

ZenBusiness has received countless positive reviews where clients testified of their extraordinary services. They offer so much more for an affordable pricing model. For fresh entrepreneurs that want to grow successful companies and stay compliant with the State to prevent penalties in the form of loss of LLC privileges, ZenBusiness registered agent is the go-to option.

Top-rated Florida Registered Agents for New Entrepreneurs — Incfile ($119 per annum)


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  • Convenient dashboard and user-friendly interface.
  • Automatic mailings of all legal business documents.
  • Perfect for Interstate recognition; available  in all 50 States.

Starting up a new business in Florida is as challenging as it may be; ensuring the company is registered and in compliance with the state makes the process even harder. However, with Incfile Florida Registered Agent on board, the business journey is more straightforward.

Incfile has found a spot as our top-rated Florida registered agent for fresh business owners, and here's why? The RA has been around for a while now, and it has spread out through the 50 States. With excellent customer relationships and rapport,  the experienced team at Incfile has been able to help develop over 750,000 businesses.

The Incfile system is built to make its interface user-friendly and easy to grasp. Your dashboard is personalized for quick accessing, storing, and retrieving documents. Not only that, all legal files are received by the agent on behalf of your business, and be sure of the fast alert via emails and SMS informing you of such action.

Another unique quality of Incfile RA service is its LLC formation procedures. The procedure is fast, and they accept all proceedings from the state in the business' stead, including IRS documentation. This top-rated Florida Registered Agent offers these exceptional services for a flat fee of $119 and the first 365 days of subscription are free. The free package further strengthened the rapport between the agent and its users.

Based on Our Review

The customer service team at Incfile answers your queries in a jiffy, even the naive ones. While testing the business, I also liked that their services are tailored to small and new businesses that don't have several thousand to spend on document filing. 

Incfile is highly recognized in the 50 States. For business owners who are not limited to only Florida, the need to check for another registered agent in a different state will be eliminated when the expansion comes. They focus on all the necessary paperwork and save you more time to pay attention and grow your business.

Best for Business' Identity theft protection — Legalzoom ($229 per annum)


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  • Offers absolute protection of business data against identity theft.
  • Large storage capacity and its unlimited.
  • Access to a 60-days free subscription trial.

As cybercrimes are at their peak, business owners need their registered agents to secure their data from privy eyes. At LegalZoom, a specialized system protects business details from identity theft. The agent has found a place among the best Florida Registered Agents.

Furthermore, Legalzoom, in partnership with Experian, (1) they have been able to protect over one million users from scammers and hackers successfully. The agent team comprises an extensive network of independent attorneys who can give both business- and non-business-related advice to their customers at a yearly fixed price of $229 with no extra cost incurred.

The 60-days free trial of Legalzoom is another feature to consider. You get to test the company for about two months before hiring them entirely. Not only that, the agent is famous in the online world; who better to give your business the online recognition it deserves if not Legalzoom. In cases where you wish to switch to another agent, Legalzoom will take you through a worry-free procedure by covering the transfer fee and handling all the required paperwork.

Based on Our Review

Legalzoom services are expensive, but I liked how transparent they are with the prices. During my review of the service, I also found they won't charge you for unnecessary service features, and they helped us understand everything about business taxes.

If you are all about the protection and security of your business data; and need an online working presence for your business. Without an iota of doubt, Legalzoom got your back and promised much more unique services.

Best for Exceptional Customer Support — Rocket lawyer ($150 per annum)


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  • Straightforward website and excellent customer guidance system.
  • Up to 25% price discount for premium subscribers.
  • 7-days free trial phase before premium membership.

Rocket lawyer registered agents are highly rated for their exceptional customer services on trusted platforms like Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google Business. Since its launch over a decade ago, the agent is reputed for constantly coming through for their customers no matter the challenge. The customer service reps are always on the phone to take clients' calls from dawn to dusk, even on weekends.

Another notable feature of Rocket lawyer RA is its strong network of accredited lawyers available to give unlimited legal advice. For a pricing model of $150 per year, entrepreneurs have constant legal backing, and hence, they do not incur extra expenses in hiring a separate business attorney. The agent provides value two times its competitors for a fair bargain.

Rocket lawyer services are available for both premium members and non-premium members. However, premium members have access to added rewards such as a 25% discount on plan cost and the first seven days of free access to the agent. Low-budget business owners are not also left out, as the RA provides an option for a monthly subscription and open access to all incentives enjoyed by yearly subscribers.

Based on Our Review

Rocket Lawyer services may come a bit at a premium, but I was amazed during my review by the quality of service. I was surprised during my test that customer support was available for inquiries and support even on weekends.

A great customer service support system is the backbone of every successfully registered agent. No matter how enticing the services rendered are, once the customers are unsatisfied, such registered agents lose the trust of their clients.

At Rocket lawyer Florida Registered Agent, 100% customer satisfaction has been their priority since its inception. If you look forward to an establishment where your business needs are prioritized and covered on all legal grounds in Florida, do not second-guess choosing Rocket lawyer RA services.

How to choose the Best Florida Registered Agent services

To a more significant extent, registered agents determine the success of a business enterprise in Florida. Some RAs have been known to help turn various ideas into business, while others encourage cordial rapport between entrepreneurs and the State of Florida.

One of the reasons I always advise new companies to have a registered agent/lawyer is that if their company is sued, they can act quickly. This is because a company only has 20 calendar days to respond; failing this, the Court could render a default judgment or result in much higher defense costs.

However, it is of utmost importance to compare Florida Registered Agents and weigh their strengths against their weaknesses before selecting one for your business.

Below are some factors to consider before choosing the best Florida Registered Agent services for your business;

Physical Street in the State

A registered agent is not complete without a registered physical office in the state. Even under the law, your registered agent files an address. Hence, be sure the registered agent has a physical address before any business transaction.

Your registered agent is the only person authorized by the State of Florida to receive important documents such as legal documents, notices from state agencies, and tax documents from the IRS. That's why I recommend you choose one with a Florida address, not a PO Box. It must also be open to the public during normal business hours.

Interstate service provider

Entrepreneurs who intend to expand their business as it grows to other states must consider this factor when hiring registered agents. Employing RA services differs with each state, and it's no fun having to go through the cycle repeatedly. On the bright side, a registered agent with a Nationwide influence will be a life-saver for entrepreneurs during every expansion strategy.

Positive reviews from customers

Here's another factor to carefully consider in the decision-making process. Due to the various cheerful responses registered agents have gotten from their subscribers, they have won the admiration of new and potential clients.

To further attest to the credibility of the RA, do a thorough background check through;

  • Online feedback and review

Countless Florida Registered Agents are available; weeding through them may prove a tough nut to crack. However, reading what users are talking about RA services on trusted platforms like Google Business, Yelp, and Trustpilot will distinguish one agent from another.

  • One on one communication with current subscribers

Sometimes online reviews and feedback are biased and may be influenced by the customer's perspective. However, one-on-one interaction with clients is a complete game-changer. 

From simply interacting, current users can easily say what they truly feel about the services gotten from their RA. Although, this method is limited as some clients may be impossible to access.

Type of services offered.

The type of service a registered agent promises to offer must meet your needs as a business owner and not be unnecessarily overpriced. Apart from the registered agent, some companies also care for your legal needs and provide helpful advice that grows the business.

Other services to look out for include;

  • A Floridian business address
  • Protection of business-sensitive information from the public
  • The speed of mails delivery and scanning
  • Provision of additional benefits such as discounts, free trial periods, etc.
  • Standard compliance management system

Website ease of use 

Time is of essence to every business owner. Hence, navigating through a cumbersome and complex RA system is a total waste of time and must be avoided as much as possible. Be sure to choose an agent that saves you time for other important stuff. 

Hence, Florida registered agent services with a simple interface and user-friendly website should easily be a go-to choice for your business. Also, websites that are easy to set up reduce the amount of time spent on the phone with customer care representatives.

Before choosing an RA, I must also add that you should confirm the availability during office hours. Ensure that it would be possible for the RA to receive documents from you during the hours listed.


Why do I need a Florida Registered Agent?

Every business in Florida is required by the State's law to have a registered agent in Florida. Florida RAs are liaisons between the entrepreneurs and the state. They also receive all legal paperwork and attend to all lawsuits on behalf of business owners.

Can a Florida business owner hire more than one registered agent?

Yes, a Florida business owner can own more than one RAs. Especially for entrepreneurs who are seeking to expand their company outside Florida. However, it'd be best to hire registered agents who can also function in the other states for a seamless expansion.


The best Florida Registered Agent services have their strengths and weaknesses; how well a business owner enjoys each registered agent is dependent on how you explore their pros over the cons to meet your personal needs.

Overall, we highly recommend Northwest Florida registered agents. For a fair price of $125, Northwest offers exceptional customer support services, keeps your business details safe, and provides helpful tips that help grow your business into a successful one while keeping you compliant with Florida.

What features do you consider before choosing a registered agent? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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